Quilts to Help, Quilts to Honor, Quilts to Heal

Quilts to Help, Quilts to Honor, Quilts to Heal

Quilting for Those Who Can't...Come Join Us!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Beginning in September...

Beginning in September we will start making plans for the rest of 2016 and the New Year, 2017 calendar year(s).  We will begin putting together our annual calendar, making final decisions for each month - which quilts will go where.

All ready for binding!

Tentative Quilt Schedule 2016/2017:

September, 2016 - Quilting Quilt Tops (10)
October - Binding/Labeling Quilts
November - Veteran's quilts (10)
December, 2016 - Children's quilts (3)

January, 2017 - Cutting Out Quilt Tops (25)
February - Sewing Quilt Tops
March - Sewing Quilt Tops
April - Quilting Quilt Tops
May - Quilting Quilt Tops
June - Binding/Labeling Quilts
July - Veteran's Quilts (5)
August - Emergency Quilts (3)
September - Women's/Children's Shelters Quilts (3)
October - Boys Home Quilts (3)
November - Veteran's Quilts (5)
December, 2017 - Children's Quilts (5)

Any/ALL suggestions will be considered and final determinations will be made by September 30, 2016...Thanks!

Questions?  Please Contact:

Deb Lindley/Quilter
East Central IL Quilts
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Quilting for Those Who Can’t…Come Join Us!”

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